Advertising Solutions


“I believe that if you show people the problems and you
show them the solutions they will be moved to act.” 
Bill Gates


Any media. Anywhere.  Intersect Media Solutions places advertising in nearly every U.S. state and in nearly every media, including newspapers, Internet, TV, radio, mobile, outdoor, cinema, direct mail, email, and transit.  One retail client has more than 840 stores in 40 states. 

Over the years, our clients have requested custom advertising networks that match their business’ geographic footprint.  Several of these print and digital networks are now available to all clients.  Other clients have requested advertising networks that reach targeted demographic audiences such as multicultural populations, baby boomers and home owners.  These too are now available to all clients.

Whether you’re looking to tap an existing advertising network, or to create an entirely new one based on your business’ unique footprint, Intersect Media has the Solutions.   


Print Solutions

Front Page Notes, Custom Print, Reach Florida Print Networks, Community Network


Digital Solutions

Digital Ad Network, Reach Florida Digital Network, Email Marketing


Targeted Audience Solutions

African American Network, Hispanic Network


Other Marketing Solutions

Florida Press Release Service, Reach Florida Select, Custom Media Planning